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The World's most famous Bonsai

The art of planting trees in containers is called Bonsai and it comes from Japan. But it is more than an art; it demands your patience. Bonsai as an art form emerged solely to charm the viewers and to show the skill and expertise of the grower. When we are talking about this art form, let us take a look at the world’s most beautiful bonsai trees. The ranking of the worlds most beautiful Bonsai trees has not changed since at least one decade. This valuable ranking tells us that their Bonsai care keepers were truly unbeatable masters. Some of these Bonsai can be admired in various museum around the world. One of the most interesting museum is the Omiya bonsai art museum that offers hundreds of different master pieces on display.

1. Shunka-en Bonsai, 800 years old and still steady ! 

2. The Yamaki Family 389 years old White Pine

3. Goshin ''Protector of the spirits'', by John Naka

4. The famous Juniper Bonsai by Luis Vila

5. Juniperus Chinensis by Mauro Stemberger

6. Atlas Ceda…

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